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Madrugada - Palliative care at home

Palliative care at home

Madrugada recognise that it’s a person’s right to choose where they would prefer to be cared for during their last remaining days and where they would prefer to die. Our professional palliative care teams deliver care in the patient’s home and support the needs and preferences of the patient at end of life. The criteria for receiving home care considers:

  • The patient’s wishes
  • The clinical indications
  • The suitability of the home environment for safe and effective nursing care
  • The willingness of the patient’s family and current medical team to work in tandem with our professional team.

Special care equipment is made available to ensure that patients remain as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Referrals for home care are welcome from the patient themselves, family members with the patient’s permission, members of the patient’s medical team and social services. The initial patient assessment may be carried out at the patient’s hospital bedside and a home environment assessment will be carried out prior to a patient being released into our care by the hospital. Those patients already at home will be assessed during a home visit from two of our team members.