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Tribute funds

There is no better way to keep a person's memory alive than by sustaining and improving the lives of others. A tribute gift is an acknowledgement that continues to comfort the family and friends of the deceased while celebrating life. Tribute gifts are those made in honour of someone a donor may know or in memory of someone who has died. These gifts enable Madrugada to carry out its mission while keeping the memory of someone a donor loves alive.

When a birthday, anniversary, marriage, retirement, new job, promotion, religious celebration, honouring a parent, or other special event calls for a unique recognition, donors can make a contribution to Madrugada in tribute, honour or memory of the occasion.

In the near future, you will be able make your Tribute Donation to Madrugada on-line. Your Tribute Gift will be acknowledged with a personalised communication sent to the person or family in whose memory or honour the gift is made. The funds for a tribute gift can also be provided annually, for a recurring or other desired pledge, or as a named endowment fund. Our easy to use Tribute template will allow you to create your own Tribute message which will be posted on the Tribute page of the Madrugada website once reviewed by the web team.

Tributes can be made as three, six or twelve month insertions.


In Memory of Michael Bennett

Rosemary Bennett would like to thank all her friends & family for generously donating to the Madrugada charity, which supported Mike throughout his illness. Madrugada’s support meant it was possible for Mike to come home from hospital at the first opportunity and be there in time for Christmas. Rosemary took great comfort from the fact that Mike had three months at home with the family and he was also able to see many friends during that time.  Sadly Rosemary felt that there wasn’t sufficient time to arrange for everyone to visit at the house, but it was marvellous that so many people did visit or at least were due to visit.  Having visitors made a huge difference to Mike’s morale as well as to her own.

On the day of the Memorial, the magnificent sum of 1600€ was collected in cash. and in addition to the cash collected, a further sum of 400€ was donated to Madrugada, bringing the grand total to € 2,000 euros.

Rosemary said "This money will be invaluable to Madrugada in the future when caring for other patients with serious health issues.  We cannot thank you enough for your amazing generosity".

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Photo: Carol Spires (President), Rosemary Bennett, Graham Jones (Secretary)