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Madrugada - Business sponsorship

Business sponsorship

Madrugada is fortunate to have attracted sponsorship from a number of organisations who recognise the vital and important contribution the Association makes to our local community. With Corporate Social Responsibility gaining more currency in Portugal, Madrugada is eager to develop further strategic partnerships with organisations who wish to demonstrate their commitment and support for our cause.

Corporate support for Madrugada can be financial, or time made available for employees to volunteer. Corporate support can refer to a one-off donation; to a long-term, mutually beneficial, multi-faceted strategic partnership, or anywhere in-between. When an organisation nominates Madrugada as its 'Charity of the Year', not only is it providing much needed funds, but also a focus on our work and a platform to promote to a wider audience how Madrugada can help in times of crisis.

If your organisation would like to become a corporate sponsor, please contact the Madrugada Team at president@madrugada-portugal.com for more information.