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Madrugada relies entirely on donations, on fundraising activities and on profits from its retail shops to deliver its care and support services. Members of the public, people like you, are our most vital resource in terms of securing the funds necessary to carry out our work. Because you care, we can.

We are always looking for people to volunteer and to organise a fundraiser of their own on our behalf. Click here to download our Fundraising Ideas Sheet. This gives you a good starting point to see what has been effective in the past. No matter how large or small your initiative, every little helps.

Please do let us know what you are planning to organise on our behalf as we can provide information and text for posters and Facebook posts. Click here to fill in the Event Proposal Form and return it to us at office@madrugada-portugal.com when you know what you would like to do.

When thinking about how you can best support Madrugada through your own fundraising activity, we ask you to be mindful of the following:

  • The more original and innovative your fundraising idea, the more attention it will likely attract – something new to stand out from previous fundraising initiatives
  • Expending a lot of time, effort and goodwill on a fundraising initiative needs to have a result that pays off in kind – how much will the initiative realistically help to raise, and will it be sustainable and repeatable in the future?
  • Please consider the appropriateness of the initiative being mindful of Madrugada’s mission and that the initiative is ethical
  • Your ‘Big Fundraising Idea’ will make a ‘Big’ difference to Madrugada. To capitalise on your efforts fully and to make sure things go smoothly, keep in mind the manageability of the initiative in terms of resources required to make it work and you and your team’s ability to deliver
  • Always make sure that whatever you do to support Madrugada, your fundraising complies with the Portuguese legal framework

Click here to download our Fundraising Pack. This guide gives lots of ideas and information on how best to manage the organisation and promotion of your Fundraising event.