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Homestore annoucement
October 2018
Luz side of Lagos

We have been searching for a replacement for our Homestore in Luz for over 18 months now and we have met with many frustrating delays  Our heart was set on staying in Luz (the ‘birth place’ of Madrugada) but our efforts have been continuously frought with local adminstration challenges on a decision with regards to the old Mercado in Luz, our original idea for a new location.
Our last attempt to secure the property was at a meeting with the President of the Junta da Freguesia in Luz. but he was unable to give us a firm commitment

Therefore, the Direção and Judith Sullivan (Retail Manager) agreed that we needed to draw a line under these negotiations and look elsewhere as Madrugada cannot afford to ‘loose’ a shop and the revenue it generates for the work that we do here on the Algarve. This is votal to us a key driver for making sure we secure somewhere.
After a long search and negotiation, we are delighted to announce that we have secured a large retail unit on the Luz side of Lagos, in Pedra Alçada (opposite Lagos Vet).

The new location was visited by both the Direção and Fiscal Board members and careful consideration was given to all the financial factors before proceeding with entering into the lease.

As it will take a little time to get ready (as we also need to focus on the imminent move of the new Support Centre), and we don’t want to rush to leave Luz, we decided that we will open the new store on 5 December 2018.

The new Homestore is far greater, space wise, than our current place of residence and this will allow us to store the Hibiscus equipment at this location releasing Madrugada from paying rent on the current facility.

This means we will continue to trade in Luz until the end of November as the next few months.
So overall, its all move and we look forward to to new, bright and prosperious 2019 in all our new premises so we can continue our good work here on the Algarve.

We are happy to hear from you so if you have any questions, please email us at admin@madrugada-portugal.com


Thank you